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We must never reduce the human person to the sum of her parts ... In the second case, the matter of IVF and other illicit means of fertility assistance, the person being reduced to the level of commodity is the child.

The parents are too, to a certain extent, with the collection of the proper parts and pieces (usually done via means which violate their dignity and the integrity of their sexual relationship) and in the use of their bodies (or the bodies of donors) as little more than incubators or parts-suppliers. A lot of people have a really hard time seeing any connection between contraception and reproductive technologies because we have such a mental block in place.

But primarily it is the child(ren) who suffers the evil of being reduced to a thing, a commodity, a very intensely desired and sought after prize ... Sex and babies have been so effectively severed from one another that there's almost no capacity to dialogue with somebody of the prevailing cultural mindset about the personhood of the parties involved, or the dignity of human sexuality.

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“They’ve exhausted a traditional sexual experience or even diverse and elaborate sex, like having an orgy or engaging in BDSM,” he says. 505648895369217/Cc7gb S3hey welcome to my room. all natural; wank hard , have fun, MAKE HISTORY..!! And a secret i love cock more then chocolate...: D I am open to new things and willing to try anything kinky. Similar to Russian roulette, the parties present a potentially lethal game of chance as at least one unidentified HIV carrier joins the group.While certain parties are exclusive to HIV carriers, others are called "blue parties" as they offer attendees blue tablets intended to prevent the contraction of the virus, according to Spanish radio network Cadena SER.However, it’s not clear how big this risk actually is: Mallolas said some of his patients attend “blue” parties, where attendees take anti-retroviral medication like Truvada to reduce their risk of infection.David Moskowitz, a professor at New York Medical College and an expert on so-called “bug chasers,” or people who actively try to contract HIV through sex, thinks the people who attend sex roulette parties have reached a level of boredom with all other sexual avenues and are looking for something risky to get their adrenaline pumping again.

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