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Michelle Alva, Intuitive Physical Therapist with over 21 years experience has created a cutting edge approach based on the latest research in Quantum Physics based healing and wellness that educates and empowers the individual on how to be their own source of mind-body-soul connection, integration, healing and transformation.The approach teaches you how to meditate, how to Be a powerful co-creator of your reality, how to live life, how to process and transmute blocked energies and emotional pains in your body tissues.The Spro 6-inch BBZ-1 Swimbait provides anglers with a more compact version of the original 8" BBZ-1. I threw it for the first time in a shallow cove for fun . Put a half dozen more in the boat in the weeks that followed . I also ordered the Sexy Lavender Shad in the fast sink. I finally got to try it, first few cast a big momma came and striked it but a missed hook set.Designed by world- renowned swimbait expert Bill Siemantel, the 6" BBZ-1 Swimbait is built on the same principles as the original and still attracts big bites from big bass. Lost the lure when my line snapped at the hook on a cast . Great lures for sure From: Comments: I finally picked up my bbz and started throwing it. I had lost too many hudds and ragos to a rock bottom that I figured if I was going to lose a bait, it might as well be a 20 dollar bait. My adrenaline rushed and it got me more hyped up to use it.Bill Sienmental worked tirelessly to ensure the detailing of the 6" BBZ-1 accurately imitated key baitfish across the country - down to the perfectly colored soft tail and fin sections. I prefer you get this bait before moving on to the 8 inch. After casting it more another big momma came and hooked on it and but sadley it got off due to bad hook set then afterwards casting it a bit to hard, the line snapped. From: Comments: I have the SS Wicked Perch, i've already had a few lookers and takers with it, couldn't be more happy with it's performance! i will be getting more in the future, only downside is it hurts the bank, but that goes for any quality swimbait pretty much haha From: Comments: Prefer it over the 8 in.The counter balanced pin segments in the joints impart the bait's realistic, natural swimming motion and ultra sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks ensure a solid catch ratio. From: Comments: LOVE these , ( bad thing is you will get ADDICTED after the hits and seeing what fallows ya in ) These have to be the best thing ever invented for fishing love them they will kill it , tap it fallow it and Slam it pulling the rod out of your hands . wicked perch and herring are killer in new england water. I replaced mine with owner stx saltwaters and i havent missed since.In total police in Minnesota brought 31 cases against Castile, racking up 63 charges for mostly minor traffic offenses - 43 of which he was found guilty or convicted of and has paid out hundreds of dollars in fines.In 25 of the cases it was police officers from Ramsey County involved - the county within which St Anthony Police Department lies.

From: Comments: After buying this swimbait for a couple months.

I used owner stx salwaters and havent had a problem yet.

Switch out the hooks, or atleast the back hook, that seems to be where i get bit.

Available in both floating and sinking versions, the Spro 6" BBZ-1 Swimbait ensures accurate presentations and allows anglers to attack the entire water column. I lost more fish then I have boated but its a ball seeing and catching what I have . From: Comments: Up in Minnesota on a rainbow and brown trout stocked lake this bait smashes the pike and bass.

Comments: The concern I had with this bait were the soft fins & whether or not I would have to replace them constantly but I've had the bait for close to 2 years & still haven't had to replace them just wanted to let people know in case they had the same concern. From: Comments: I'm about to order a couple of these swim sits & was wondering what size n brand treble hooks do you guys recommend replacing the originals with? I have seen fish follow this bait all the way to the shore many times. changing the hooks out to bigger and adding a stinger to try to help hook up , but no matter its worth every penny . Let it sink off drop offs and fish it slow with a few twitches here and there.

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