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Police in the Seattle suburb of Kent told the newspaper they had contacted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about the incident.“We're early on in our investigation,” police chief Ken Thomas said on Saturday.On the other hand, I have struggled with this in the past, due to me having been brought up in a diverse, multi-racial country where Indian people are a minority. I’m on it and most of the people there are any other race apart from Indian.i have a moderate outlook and belive that marriage is the most important part of everyones life and it is important to know each others nature and compaltibility so that life can be wonderful and happ... I'm an attractive young woman looking for a respectful decent guy, which by the way is proving to be a very hard task indeed. Read more I like reading novels, listening to music and love playing Badminton. We are Looking for person who is lively and caring life partner for her. Read more Thank you for taking time to go through my profile.Up to 400 guests were expected but not that many people had arrived when the gunman opened fire.As a young Sikh, dating in the modern age can be tricky when you come from a family of traditional values.Last night Barack Obama was informed of the latest massacre.The President has been urged to address gun control as an issue ahead of this year’s election. He is down at the scene and is presumed deceased." Initial reports suggested a hostage situation, with other gunmen inside the building, but police said that those reports could be down to the fact that several emergency reports provided conflicting information but could have been of the same person.

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As a person she is self motivated, caring, independent, fun loving and outgoing. I am pretty down to earth, and fairly liberal in my thinking and views. Read more My sister is simple, caring ,loving and cheerful girl. Right now, I am working at University at Buffalo and have a preference to settle here. Read more Looking for a professionally qualified gursikh who is from delhi ncr.

Jasmit Singh, a leader of the Sikh community in the nearby suburb of Renton, said he had been told the victim was released from the hospital.

“He is just very shaken up, both him and his family,” Mr Singh told the newspaper.

In the latest incident, which took place nine miles outside of Milwaulkee, police spokesman Brad Wentlandt said that a police officer who tried to engage the suspect was shot several times. He added: “There is a concern about multiple gunmen.

The injured officer is a 20 year police veteran and was taken to hospital. At this time we have not identified any additional gunmen.

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