Skyrim quest log not updating

Play Station 3 console, by the way, so I can't setstage.

I read all of the other comments, but nothing seems to answer how to fix this, and while I realise the goal is to find the cause, IS THERE any current work-around for non-PC users?

The overall goal of the quest is to conquer for the Empire, each hold of Skyrim that is currently under Stormcloak control.

You will accomplish this one hold at a time, by taking control of the military fort in each.

Or if you are using a Mod Manager like Mod Organizer, just disable it. I do a little of it in the audio processing but without going crazy because, you know, I have a life to live.

Generally I follow the "It's Good Enough" approach.

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As soon as you approach the front door, the objective "Examine the crime scene" will disappear. --Krusty , 31 December 2011 (UTC) Warning by doing this fix you will be able to buy the house and both quests will be competed but you will not experience them. SOLUTION: Open a console (press ~ key below ESC), type "completequest ms11" and press ENTER. That has nothing to do with the quest at all, and there's a chance it can break the quest as well.

It seems pretty rare that people need to do this, but it does happen so the documentation is there.

Basis of the problem seems to be the game goes to access Memory (RAM) at some address which isn't there.

A False Front, The Battle for Fort Dunstad, Compelling Tribute, The Battle for Fort Greenwall, Rescue from Fort Kastav, The Battle for Fort Snowhawk, The Battle for Fort Sungard, The Battle for Fort Amol, Battle for Windhelm This quest governs the overall progress of the Civil War for the Imperial Legion.

It serves as an "umbrella quest", taking you through a series of individual quests that you receive as it progresses.

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