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Moon Jun Won, better known by his stage name Joo Won, and Kwon Boa, known as Boa, have been dating since 2016, Soompi reports.

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"The two were close friends and began having feelings for each other this year."Kai and Krystal have now become SMTOWN's second official couple, after Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO's Baekhyun who broke up last September. *In court on March 18*Kris and Luhan’s side: Your Honor, we now provide you with evidence of grossly uneven profit distribution between SM Entertainment and EXO artists up until the time of our clients’ file for contract termination Judge: Judge: Would the representatives from SM Entertainment© care to explain why the percentages varied so strongly between overseas promotions, domestic sales, profits from songs and other activities? ======================= Later, in SM Headquarters™: Some poor employees: CEO Youngmin! Same poor employees, now nervous: Yes we did but unfortunately the judge granted them another plea date! Helpful Employee #1: We can divert media attention away from it, Your Highness! A setup for losing to those traitors would be devastating. What’s the name of that boy group that those traitors left? Luckily, my connection with Dispatch informs me that they already have photos secured of the couple waiting to be released for our own purposes. “Yes.” good.) even more successfully, and after the group has debuted and gained attention, the couple will be forgotten enough so we can orchestrate their returns later this year. Don’t make it obvious by putting it on the same date; debut them on the 9th or 10th, something like that.It was inevitable that they became lovers." Fans couldn't agreed more about this, having speculated a relationship between the two for some time now, and who could blame them? In other great news, Kai's new web drama Choco Bank is coming soon to Drama Fever! At the time, many did not know how to take the news because it was released on a day the internet is notorious for releasing numerous fake articles in association to April Fools’ Day.An example of this case would be newly debuted boy group, EXO.Displaying good looks, outstanding talent, endless publicity starting 100 days before their big debut, lyrics appealing to teens, and large scale music, the group possessed the formula for success, yet was unable to see results up to par with expectations.

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