Sqldataadapter not updating

In many applications, this means reading data from a database into a dataset, and then writing changed data from the dataset back to the database.However, a data adapter can move data between any source and a dataset.You can use the RETURN keyword to exit from the stored procedure.This is where you can send an integer status value back to the caller. The system needs to let the user modify some rows, or maybe delete another rows, or just add new rows, and at the end, or when ever they wants, they can click on the save button. Allows to update a data base, from a data table that has been modified, deleted rows, and add rows?But each thing will happen, before the data is stored in the database. We have a list of books wrote on the paper, and we want to add a couple of books more, but later we discovered that one book is not needed, and 2 seconds later, we see that the name of a book, is wrong, spell mistakes.To the client, a stored procedure acts similar to a function.

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I need to do all of this, before save it into the data base. You need to understand what a Data Table object is.

After you've declared the procedure name, you'll declare any parameters that the stored procedure will use.

The AS keyword follows the parameter declarations, and then you can see the SQL code that makes up the body of the stored procedure.

For example, there could be an adapter that moves data between a Microsoft Exchange server and a dataset.

Sometimes the data you work with is primarily read-only and you rarely need to make changes to the underlying data source Some situations also call for caching data in memory to minimize the number of database calls for data that does not change.

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