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The roles can be reversed, but two people can’t lead or follow at the same time; this is what causes collisions on the dance floor. There is this point in the early stages of a relationship where two people are trying to lead at the same time.

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So he took a quick dive into the sparkling ocean waters calling out for his reprieve. Today’s story is…Read more #Project Walk Orlando, #Rachelle Friedman-Chapman, #What Makes Me Fee Sexy, Celebrity of the month, Chris Chapman, Micki Purcell, Paralyzed Bride, Parenting, Project Walk, Rachelle Friedman, The Promise, Walking With Anthony, Wheelchair Rugby … It’s February, the month to celebrate all that is love!For instance, 66 percent decide within 30 minutes of a first date if they want a second or not. You've barely knocked out the first cocktail and finished an appetizer at that point. Twenty percent of the 16-39 age group are super hardcore and ready for the check after five minutes. Which, we guess, would make sense in extreme cases where the person waltzes in looking nothing like his/her pictures or sits down and immediately spews obscenities.Indeed, 54 percent say "lack of physical attraction" is the reason they want to bail, followed closely by "lack of personality" at 48 percent.On the flip side, it was refreshing to see that these survey-takers weren't into wasting anyone's time. Who hasn't fallen victim to the mystery of the disappearing date after outing numero tres?Over 60 percent knew within two to four dates whether they wanted to see where things may lead. Perhaps most importantly, how often do these people actually date (as opposed to just fill out surveys about dating)?

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