Thinkers and feelers dating nigeria girls for dating

Just because the “feeler” expresses feelings and may gets upset does not mean that he/she cannot reason. “Feelers” need to feel loved and appreciated through the words that their mates speak. They say things that likely come across as cold and insensitive. However, “thinkers” often feel that this sweet talk is useless and a waste of time. Now for advice on how “feelers” can better relate to “thinkers”. I spill love and inspiration all over those in my presence.When in a critical or more negative environment, I often close up to protect my tender underbelly.It makes sense, however, that Thinkers would have data and metric on their mind far more often, and therefore be more comfortable in careers, relationships and other situations where high emotion isn’t present.

This is particularly true when the situation is difficult and related to work or our private lives.

Recently I have discussed how in many cases opposites attract during courtship but face troubles with their differences in marriage.

So far the opposite types studied have been in decision making. They are not going to pick up on any hints that you try to give toward your feelings or thoughts.

In past articles I have talked about why these two types of people possibly were attracted to one another in the beginning and why they face troubles in marriage.

I also offered some tips on how a “thinker” can better relate to a “feeler”. Do not label the “feeler” as being an irrational person.

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