Updating eclipse Pee datehookup

In those cases, the other, non-Ubuntu update mechanism will try to override files installed from Ubuntu repositories, which, naturally, would require root privileges.Also, I'm not sure it is a good idea - it is likely to create a total mess of files partially installed from Ubuntu repositories and partially using the application's update system.Start with a compatible version of Eclipse (available from Since Groovy-Eclipse relies on Eclipse's Java tooling (the JDT), almost any flavor of Eclipse that includes the JDT will be compatible.The proper way to update base packages is to use the Ubuntu upgrade tools, not the Eclipse update tools.I believe it is possible to install addons in your Workspace but I would not recommend mixing package managers.Development builds tend to be quite stable (they are not released unless all tests pass).To install, paste the appropriate update site below into your Eclipse update manager, select the artifacts to install and follow the instructions.

From Existing Installation" to add all the plugins you had in your previous installation. I think I've only ever upgraded once before, all other times I just fresh and I also updated some of my plugin repos to point to kepler too, e.g. I just don't know the extent to which you can trust the upgrade system.If previous releases are anything to go by, then the answer is No.It is best to download the new release, install it, install the latest versions your favourite plugins and point Eclipse at your workspace.

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