Updating firmare

If a newer firmware than the one installed is available, the "Update Firmware" button is enabled.Clicking this button starts the camera firmware update process.Once in a while a new Cura version and firmware version are released.In order to stay up to date it is therefore recommended to download the latest version of Cura once available and update your Ultimaker with the latest firmware as well.For this reason it is recommended to regularly check for new firmware updates. Make sure your usb drive is formatted as FAT32 and the storage size is less than 64 GB 2.

It checks for the availability of the newest firmware version via the internet.

Make sure that the curved part of the plug is aligned with the curved part of the port.

Forcing the plug into the port the wrong way can permanently damage the interface.

Connect the Ultimaker to your computer with the USB cable.

For the Ultimaker 2 Family and Ultimaker Original you also need to attach the power supply and turn the Ultimaker on.

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