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Given those negatives, why even consider wading into the water?• You're tired of regularly picking through piles of spams just to rescue the occasional legitimate e-mail that your spam filter inadvertently blocked.Email spoofing is when an email's identifying fields, such as the From, Return-Path and Reply-To addresses are modified to appear to be from someone other than the actual sender.This technique can be used for legitimate reasons, however is popular among spammers.The button 'Global Junk Preferences' is a shortcut to: 'Tools' 'Junk' tab This is where you set your default junk mail settings.

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Email spoofing is a technique that spammers use to send spam without it seeming like the message was from them.

By spoofing legitimate addresses, a spammer increases their chances of a victim opening a spam email and clicking on their malicious links.

If a spammer sends out emails and spoofs your email address, any spam emails which are rejected by a recipient server may bounce back to your email address. The best method to prevent your email address from being spoofed is to keep your email addresses private and off of message boards and websites where it can be easily picked up and placed into a spam list.

• You need to change your e-mail provider, having finally decided to jettison your 20-year-old AOL address or ditch the . If you've got a good reason of your own, but have been stalling because the whole affair seemed too overwhelming, here's some good news.

I have just finished changing my own e-mail address and found that, with a little planning and organization, you can do the job relatively painlessly and without disrupting your online life.

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