Updating operating system iphone 3gs

i OS 9 contains several new features that will make your device easier to use.i OS 9 is free to download, like all previous versions of i OS.i OS 9 became available for download starting September 16, 2015.If you have an existing i OS device, you can download and install i OS 9.You're better off getting new hardware anyway, such as the i Phone 5s or 5c.These new i Phones will come with i OS 7 preinstalled.The latest mobile operating system from Apple is available to consumers beginning Wednesday.The updated platform is a complete redesign of the OS and makes numerous changes to not only the appearance, but to the applications and functions on the i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod Touch. Here are a few steps you might want to take to ensure that the update installs smoothly and with no problems. i OS 7 works with most modern pieces of Apple hardware, but not all of them.Get Permission If you're using a company-owned i OS device, your employer might not want you to update to the new operating system right away.Be sure you have permission from the IT department before you update the system software.

Once you do this you will be prompt whether you want to prevent the baseband upgrade. Now yet another window will pop up alerting you that you will need to connect your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS to your computer via USB and put it into Pwned DFU mode. Step 5) Once you click the OK button you will be presented a screen with preparation instructions for entering Pwned DFU mode.

Well, if this sounds like your current situation you will be glad to know in this tutorial we will cover updating your i Phone 4 or i Phone 3GS to i OS 6 (or any firmware for that matter) while preserving your baseband using the Mac OS X version of Red Sn0w 0.9.15b1.

Note: For a Windows version of this tutorial please click here.

Just go to Settings, select General, and tap Software Update.

This may cause your phone to upgrade to i OS 10, Apple's newest version.i OS 9 is not available for the i Phone 4, i Phone 3GS, original i Pad (released in 2010), or previous generations of the i Pod Touch.

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