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Cover, Dave Williams’s Triton puts Buick details to an elegant use; Graham Nicholson and Trevor Winship labored in obscurity making fairings for racing triples, by Mick Duckworth; Kevin Cameron tells us why we should follow the lead of others, or not; Tom Gunn writes on Cubs; Fast Eddie Fisher keeps going fast in his 80s, by Matt Smith; Book review: Hughie Hancox tells his story of the not-so-glamorous life of a factory test rider; John Goodwin’s 900 mile day on a Gold Star, having fun all the way, by Mick Duckworth; the glorious Del Mar rally, by John Lawless; Tech Notes by John Healy – solving the riddle of head bolt changes; the man behind the Dunstall silencers, by Colin to top pub Nov 2012. Vintage Bike’s first color cover, a shot of a grimy, rusty 1948 Tiger just hauled from the cellar of an abandoned house, and inside, more color showing Jack Geoghegan’s beautiful restoration; a profile of the energetic and enterprising John Tickle by someone who should know, Colin Taylor; often wearing a shirt and tie beneath his leathers, Maurice Brierley set many records aboard his methanol-burning monster, profile by Mick Duckworth; Tech Note: John Healy says super-slippery motor oil is missing something that old British iron needs – friction; a gold-star Gold Star team, Clive Ling and Phil Pearson; happy 110th birthday, Triumph; champagne and V-twins at elegant Salon Prive; hobby becomes a happy obsession for Danny Selman, profile by Jerry to top pub September 2012.Cover, the granddaddy of British straight line racing, Dennis Norman, now 87 years old and still involved, aboard an early version of the twin-engined Norman Conquest, profile by Mick Duckworth; Matt Smith and John Lawless report from two of the many summer rallies, Mid-Ohio and Triumph Come Home; Tom Gunn recalls a trip to England where good ideas were proposed for Triumph, and then ignored; Kevin Cameron considers smooth round bearings and flat spots; Tech Note – John Healy on how to know where your (valve) seat is; plus the beautiful Garry Lawrence cafe racers and the furor surrounding the closing of the Meriden plant: did NVT pick a loser? Cover, action long ago at the Grafton, MA, scrambles as teaser to a profile by Paul Ackerman of the legendary Charlie Vincent; Triumph history from Tom Gunn, who wrote the book on T140s while still a college student and remembers times in England and at Tricor-Maryland; is the best Triumph that Triumph never made one of its flatheads?

Many of the highier end Nakamichi tape decks have a remote jack on the back.

Since the 2000s, Lexus has increased sales outside its largest market, the United States.

The division inaugurated dealerships in Japan's domestic market in 2005, becoming the first Japanese premium car marque to launch in its country of origin.

Cover, Bruno Leroy on a 500cc Godet-prepared Egli Vincent at full chat through the top of Barregarrow, Io M, a sweet return for the pushrod Vincent there, by Mick Duckworth (photo by Dave Collister); after riding his Bonneville for 20 years John Tarplee decides it time for an overhaul; Kevin Cameron reflects on the differences between British and Japanese industry; after two decades in a shed, a classic Velocette takes to the road again; John Healy Tech Notes – comparing generators and alternators and understanding what charging means; when a 350 Tiger is better than a Bonneville. Cover, twin Tiger-100 based, Shorrock-blown motors on a dragster called Icarus at Dragstalgia; at the Triumph national rally, some old Tricor stalwarts exchange outrageous stories with Tom Gunn, with other rally coverage; to counter the hugely successful Honda 4 of the late sixties, Triumph went so far as to plan their own inline-four cruiser, by Mick Duckworth; in Italy, Claudio Sintich has put a mountain of Triumph 500 racing twin knowledge into his book; John Healy Tech Notes offers a reference chart of Triumph valve sizes; Edward Turner reflects on his return to Triumph from Japan in 1960 after visiting a motorcycle industry he could only dream of. Cover, a pair of Triumphs photographed at the British and European rally, with other rally coverage; Pat Leeman always wanted a Triton and he got a famous one, formerly owned by rocker Roger Cover, by Mick Duckworth; if you were racing against Sonny Nutter you were probably eating his dirt, by Paul Garson; long before we were meeting the nicest people on a Honda, in Boston, we were meeting the other people at Andrews Motorcycle Sales, by Tom Gunn; John Healy Tech Notes offers a wheel-building narrative the doesn’t require cigarettes, with some notes about cold starting; for a brief time Triumph sold a 350 commuter bike and naturally someone built a racer. Cover, a lovely love affair with the Roger Mc Grath Matchless, story by Paul Garson; the two worlds of BSA from the perspective of the shop, a profile of Alan Santilands, by Mick Duckworth; while Triumph was struggling to survive, someone there was designing an amazing modern 650 and we have the drawings; Kevin Cameron describes the hard work of being a clutch; John Healy Tech Notes on how to straighten a bent head and how it got that way; Lindsay Brooke reviews the story of Hele and Hopwood at Triumph Experimental; a 500 Daytona can still provide thrills the bigger boys can’t; a postcard from the warm Dania midwinter show in California. Cover, the go-grip on a historic veteran of the six-days, by Mick Duckworth; you never forget your first ride on a Triumph, and this guy found the very bike under a blanket, by Mick; Kevin Cameron on deep breathing; Paul Garson revisits Stage Fright, a twin engine dragster; he loved riding his Japanese bikes until he discovered the BSA of his dreams; Ed Kelley updates us on this double triple dragster; a complete if unfinished tutorial on welding, by Colin Taylor; the Hansen Dam rally brings us warmth in winter, by Paul Garson. Cover, Bob Leppan with the Gyronaut on the salt in 1966, by Lindsay Brooke; Ivan Wicksteed hoped the factory would help him set speed records, but he did it himself, by Mick Duckworth; Doing the ton, what does that mean?

Kevin Cameron puts those elegant bikes from the ’50s in their place; Ron May’s noisy Triumph rattles back to life, by Mick; Tech Notes, Oil leaks part 2, push rod tubes, by John Healy; A triple into a twin frame works beautifully, by Mick; Triumph Come Home, by Matt Smith. Cover, A pretty Norvin and a Triton in the Maryland rain; Big D cycles has taken over the rebuilding of three historic Meriden racers, by Mick Duckworth; Tri Cor’s Jack Mercer showed England what the Americans were doing with their bikes – a slide show; Book review – Classic Race Engines by Kevin Cameron; a Matchless engine, Rickman frame and Randy’s cycles genius; Kevin’s column: what the past can teach us if we listen; Tech Notes – Oil leaks, gaskets, rod tubes, O-rings, oil seals, draw filing; figuring out thread pitch and why are there so many, by Colin Taylor; the classic show at Martins, by Matt Smith and Ron Fish back to top pub Jan 2013.

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