Updating xml using c

Altough WCF allows you to work with SOAP headers using a message contract based programming model, it is sometimes easier to keep the more intuitive operation contract model but still expose SOAP headers and be able to access them inside WCF calls.

The Soap Header attribute introduced in the project allows you to use SOAP headers in code while still using the Operation Contract based model.

There are many blogs on internet already speaking about updating XML files in Power Shell, but I felt need of one consolidated blog where complex XML files can also be updated with long complex Hierarchy of XML nodes and attributes.

Below is an XML example which we will try in this blog to update at various level of node Hierarchy.

But in conversations with colleagues, I also discovered that there are a variety of opinions on which way of parsing XML files is the best.It shows how to do encoding string conversions too. A collection of useful WCF extensions including Soap Header support, WSDL documentation and more.You can specify the if expression in Expression2 of the replace value of XML DML statement, as shown in the following example.Expression1 identifies that the Labor Hours attribute from the first work center is to be updated.

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