Updating your wardrobe

You just need to learn how to shop for a new wardrobe on a budget.And to do that, we first need to destroy some of your false beliefs. In the past, I considered clothes shopping an expensive endeavor.I would spend around 0 every time I went, so I always put it off. I only went about once every six months, which amounts to a lousy /m on clothing cost. Spending 0 in one day or spending /m for the next six months?In both cases you spend the same amount, but the latter seems more doable, right?It’s officially too cold to go outside without a few layers, and some of your favorite pieces from summer and fall have been stored away.This is also a time when everyone starts embracing new winter fashion trends, which is exciting, but also very expensive.Slip one shoulder or skip a button to create a new hemline. Winter is in full swing, and for a lot of you, the weeks after the holidays are probably the time where you want to start making some adjustments to your wardrobe.

It’s a continual cycle from year to year and one that we’re more than happy to break.

Clothes were already pretty costly, and now I had to start investing in the stylish stuff. Many of you have emailed me that your second-rate salary holds you back from improving your wardrobe.

I assumed I’d have to go full-on frugal to afford it. Well, today you’ll come to understand a second-rate salary is plenty to do so.

It’s really the collar over the shirt that gives off that prepster vibe. It really does make a difference, and it’s so easy! Source Another way to make summer dresses work is to layer a sweater over them.

Now that the weather has cooled down, we’ve sent all of our summer dresses to the back of the wardrobe and brought our winter clothing out of hibernation.

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