Validating a new survey

At Survey Monkey, we offer Survey Monkey Audience to connect you with the customers and stakeholders you’d most like to reach.But what if your survey respondent, who says she’s a 35-year-old Mexican American who works in the health care industry and has 2 kids, is actually an 18-year-old white, out-of-work mechanic named Frank?The easiest way to validate an idea, he says, is to first "survey a market of one: yourself." Find a mentor or industry advisor.

You have the option of surveying your customers directly, or you can go through a third party panel company to purchase the opinions of your target respondents.You never want to assume you know how your target market (30 to 45 year old working mothers, for example) feels about what you’re doing, especially since it’s so easy to ask them yourself.The good news for marketers, whether you’re working at a big company or a small startup, is that there are a number of tools available to help you with the task of reaching out to survey your target market, no matter your budget or level of expertise.Last summer, 504 researchers filled out an online survey conducted by the Global Biological Standards Institute (GBSI), a nonprofit based in Washington, D. More than half said they had never received training on the importance of validating research antibodies, nor instructions on how to do it.At my marketing agency, Ciplex, I deal with a lot of clients who hire us to build a website for their business idea--based solely on their gut feeling that idea will be successful.

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