Validating null value in pl sql

This is useful when we have a XML Schema which defines more than one top level element, and we want to check conformance against a specific one of these elements.

This content is outdated and is no longer being maintained.

The tokens supported by the Not Null Validator are listed in the following table.

This token represents the value of the object that is being validated.

Thanks, Phil just assign the varchar2 to a number and catch any exceptions. Shurley it should be a "when invalid number" and or when numeric or value error that should be used, or you could get any other error and wrongly assume that its because it is not a number ;) February 02, 2004 - am UTC I said it almost certainly is a bug -- not 100%, almost certainly :) Here -- we are in FACT expecting an exception to be raised AND we can deal with it MEANING it isn't an error but an expected "condition" -- like NO_DATA_FOUND.

There are two exceptions that could be raised -- hence the use of when others here -- since the ONLY thing that could be going wrong here is in fact "invalid number". (My typing is not better, btw) But, on a more serious note, who is to say that "..that should run when it is in fact NOT a number..." does not include a RAISE? I recall in another forum a discussion about creating a function to determine if a value is a number, and in the end, we decided, only the customer/coder can determine what a number is It came down to creating test data (and a fat finger), to discover that not all numbers look like numbers.

However it does not capture the invalidity if Email String were to be say [email protected] You may use the below pl/sql function for Email Address Validation.

It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies.

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If you do not want to use the Message Template property to hard-code a message template (perhaps for internationalization), you can use a template stored in the application resources.

You must also specify a Message Template Resource Type Name value.

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