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We don’t have any problems with the concept of sexually toying around with Black women; however, our primary goal and objective as related to marriage and children is to be with the females whose husbands and sons have raped and murdered our people for centuries.The Black male has become a living, walking, demonstration of Racial treason.heads blonde.

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According to The Daily Campus, SMU’s student newspaper, “a watermark on the bottom-right corner of the flier may indicate it was originally published by the alt-right.” Related Story: White Supremacist to Serve in Top White House Role The alt-right movement played a pivotal role in the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump.And these scorned men share their reasons often and consistently.The following is a perfect example of a post you will see floating around on Facebook.All of the racial loyalty Black women have demonstrated through the ages is being flushed down the toilet in favor of interracial practices at the hands of Racially treasonous Black males.Having been convinced of the Black woman’s complete and universal inferiority to white and/or “other” females throughout our upbringing, Black males are raised with the idea that if we ever become economically viable, we will marry a white or “other than Black” female.

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