Who is dating emma stone

What was the deal with that time that Stone was photographed, supposedly post-breakup, carrying a paper bag with Garfield’s name on it?Now, finally, one intrepid reporter from the , has endeavored to find out just what happened on that fateful afternoon, the day of the bag.However, after the split, there were speculations that their love for each other never fades and that they remain close and in good terms.

So we must resign ourselves to never knowing, only guessing, inferring, dreaming.

However, that doesn't stop her and Andrew Garfield from expressing their love with one another. Meanwhile, Radar reported that a source spilled the true deets about Emma Stone and Andrews Garfield's relationship.

In fact, in December last year, the "Amazing Spider-Man" actor was asked on an interview about whose actress he would bring with him to a desert. "They've been quietly back together for a while now, and they've even started talking about marriage," the source said as he/she talked about the "Easy A" actress' engagement with "The Social Network" actor.

Emma Stone has been rumored to be dating either Jake Gyllenhaal or Andrew Garfield.

Though Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhaal haven’t been filming together, they have been spending a lot of time together behind the scenes.

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