Who is george young dating

Their exotic destination wedding will be aired as part of a new travel series that is still in the works.

It plays up the couple's different personalities - Hsieh, 35, is a seasoned traveller and a daredevil, and Young, also 35, is, well, not.

(They got married in Antarctica.)He says: Maybe not opposite in our case.

Otherwise we’d end up in the North Pole and that would be kinda similar, save for the occasional polar bear. But we’re thinking of doing the opposite thing of going from A to Z. Would’ve said trust but it turns out Janet betrayed that slightly by pulling my towel away from me last time she was in Atlanta, leaving me standing there naked in front of Chris Wood (of castmate).

Bush and Hager are fraternal twins, with Bush being born a few minutes before her sister. While Hager is married with two children, Bush is not.

Instead, she has focused on her work as a health care advocate as the co-founder and CEO of the Global Health Corps. NEW YORK, NY – NOVEMBER 11: Barbara Bush, of Global Health Corps attends a discussion panel during The Fast Company Innovation Festival With Barbara Bush at Civic Hall on November 11, 2015 in New York City.

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Yet here we are, at the doorstep of their first-year wedding anniversary in January, and both TV personalities (Hsieh hosts the TLC travel show Obviously they know a thing or two about marriage and keeping the flame alight despite being on different continents most of the time. Even a rainy day can be a “dream” wedding if you and your friends and family are having the best time of your lives. Who then tells everyone to lower their expectations.After singing with the CCM Worship Youth Team, Ray Steward, 16, talks about his brother George Steward II during a memorial for Steward and Sabrina Castillo at Calvary Chapel in Montebello on Saturday, October 31, 2015.The 18-year-old sweethearts were killed October 18 in a car crash in Hacienda Heights.Fearless Taiwanese-American travel host Janet Hsieh is equally gung-ho when it comes to her romantic relationship with Singapore-based actor George Young. : "I said it as a joke - 'Janet, since you like travelling so much, let's go to Antarctica.' Janet being Janet, the travel-show wonderkid, she took it seriously.She took over, planned it all and we ended up getting married there." The friends-turned-lovers announced their wedded bliss on their social media accounts in January by posting a photo of themselves holding a "Just Married" sign amid penguins in Antarctica.

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