Who is lil kim dating now 2016

As any casual observer knows, Kim’s face has undergone an evolution in the years since her 1996 studio album debut.

In addition to plastic surgery, she was a makeup contouring enthusiast long before the Kardashians inspired one million You Tube tutorials.

He also just tweeted his email address (in case people couldn't see it right there in his Twitter bio), guessing rightly that people are probably going to have questions for him.

Kim herself is in pretty spectacular lyrical form here; for all the criticism she’s gotten in recent years for everything from the way she looks to the way she breathes, the rap legend’s happy to cede her spotlight to Gates in order to save some of the most salacious, tongue-twisting shockers for herself. News at the MAC Cosmetics and The Blonds afterparty, "My little boo boo is coming! "She tweeted back in 2012 that she and Papers had broken up, thanking her fans for all their love and support and writing, "As of 2night me & Papers are officially over. Get ya facts str8 lol."But the couple obviously reconciled at some point: He collaborated on her remix of Rihanna's "Pour It Up" and starred with her in the music video that came out last March, and he once again was being referred to as her boyfriend.To another congratulatory message, he replied, simply, "thank u." And to one hater, who wrote that Papers would never stack up to one of Kim's exes, the late Notorious B. All the adverts, the TV shows, movies, magazines – in other words, everything we consume - just furthers the message that if you're not white? Of course there are some black and minority ethnic (BAME) models and actresses.But more often than not they still fit these western beauty standards – from light-skinned black women to Asian women with highlights and green-eyed Indian women (that’s you Aishwarya Rai).

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