Who is tavis smiley dating

A couple of months after that, BET gave me my own latenight show.

At that point I realized, well, maybe the political campaign thing of mine is done.” In 2002 Smiley became the first “person of color” in the history of the United States to have his own daily show on NPR, and then, in 2004, become the first African-American to have his own daily show on PBS.

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He once considered both men to be of strong character but wrote that Smiley’s “primary goal became selling books, and later selling out.”Joyner ended the post by saying that “There’s nothing either can ever do for me or with me again.”Whew!

Joyner wrote that he’s wanted to express something to Smiley for some time now; and ironically, it was Time Magazine’s editor-at-large, Mark Halperin, calling President Obama a “package” on MSNBC that provided the ammunition Joyner needed. Joyner mentioned that he wanted to be harsh in this post and he didn’t disappoint.

He began by referring to Cornel West as Smiley’s “side piece.” And while the rest of the post left Smiley’s sexuality out of it, it was still pretty brutal. When you’re done come back and let us know what you think about Joyner’s comments.

Ladies, would you be in favor of naming your child after some broad that your husband used chop down???

Black America’s favorite morning show host Tom Joyner had a few…or more than a few choice words for his former colleague Tavis Smiley and scholar Cornel West.

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