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Though Amazon doesn't release sales data, some estimates peg Echo sales as outpacing speakers from established audio brands like Bose, Sonos, and Logitech.

Amazon released two new Echo speakers last week: the Echo Dot, which is a smaller version of the first Echo, and the Amazon Tap, a portable version.

Caroline Wozniacki is currently preparing for her first-round match at Wimbledon on Monday, but she’s also speaking out about her relationship with boyfriend and pro golfer Rory Mc Ilroy. She went on to add that their busy schedules haven’t kept them from each other no matter how far apart they are. He’s trying to work it out with his schedule, I’m trying to go and see him when I can, so in that way it’s been working out well so far,” she added.

Caroline Wozniacki could use the support as she takes on Wimbledon and Mc Ilroy will more than likely make an appearance.

We just do it because we want to.” Is this a sports match made in heaven?

The average sports couple has its ups and downs and certainly its run-ins with the media, but this power duo has kept particularly quiet and are regularly seen holding hands with a smile.

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Meer feiten over de WOZ10 augustus 2016 De Waarderingskamer heeft een nieuwe Waarderingsinstructie nieuwe Waarderingsinstructie vastgesteld. Om te zorgen dat iedereen zich goed kan voorbereiden is de Waarderingsinstructie ruim tevoren gepubliceerd.I have to say that I admire how she handled that horrific period with class, despite the embarrassment of having a fiancé who realized he wasn’t ready for marriage after the guests had already been invited to the wedding and who then decided to end it all via a brief telephone call! The 26-year-old tennis ace revealed the new relationship in Instagram stories on Valentine’s Day, posing with a bouquet of roses, saying: Caroline and David, the San Antonio Spurs player, were first rumored to be dating at the 2016 US Open.I hope this relationship will be as beautiful as Caro deserves and I’m happy to add it to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.e said he thought it was "the next big platform for the near future." "It's become such a wonderful part of our life, not having to lift anything up and speak to things, and just speak to it anywhere across a room," he said."That is such a luxury and freedom." "I fell in love with speaking because I hate to memorize," the Apple founder said, mentioning that he liked to use Apple's Siri voice assistant as well.

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