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Upon doing further research we determined that a large portion of the dating profiles on the site can actually be found on other sites many of them being adult porno sites.

If you look at the evidence below you will see links and they all lead to porn adult sites and forums.

Let’s take a look and find out why we’re drawing a big X through this crappy website.

There are a lot of things that a good hookup dating site is supposed to do, and x doesn’t do any of them.

Thanks to this app, I can get acquainted with people around the world, learn and communicate, I enjoyed it.For one thing, a good hookup site is supposed to have an interesting, engaging, dynamic page that draws you in and makes you excited to meet someone.Instead, x features a blank white background with some sad-looking tits.is running the classic phony fake video chat message con.If you take a look at the evidence below you'll see there is a brunette girl who looks as if she's sending me a video chat message.

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