Xp validating identity problem

Windows XP can be upgraded to Direct X 9.0c (Shader Model 3.0), which later was included in Windows XP SP2.

Windows XP SP3 added the Windows Imaging Component.

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[begin heated debate...] You don't need to buy the more expensive Windows XP Advanced Server or Windows 2000 Server to run IIS.

However, the XP Professional standard EULA (license) states that at most 10 computers may connect to your machine for IIS, File/Printing services, and remote access.

OK, first off I am NOT asking for help to hack my system or do anything shady.

I am installing the same copy of Windows XP that was originally on this computer when it was new (AKA, all legit, genuine product key, etc), and I'm trying to log on for the first time.

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