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A topless female protester grabbed the genitals on Donald Trump's wax figure and "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah thinks she might just have cracked the code on how to get the President-elect's attention. " the protestor said during the unveiling at Madrid's Wexford Museum.

Noah called the incident a "weird boob protest," but applauded the creator of Trump's wax figure for it's authenticity.

The researchers worked out that as events last three hours and cost about £20, finding a partner may cost £500.

It’s been billed as the quick and easy way to find romance -- but the phenomenon of speed dating may not be as rapid as its name suggests.

New research has found it takes an average of 75 hours and costs £500 to find a new love, while finding a sexual partner takes 50 hours of taking part in the dating game, where men and women have just a few minutes to impress prospective partners.

Maria Woods, 42, from Epsom, Surrey, has been to countless events round Britain in the past five years, spending hundreds of pounds. Speed dating started in 1998 when a rabbi invented it as a way for Jewish singles to meet and marry, holding the first in a Beverly Hills cafe.

‘I’ve had a few dates, but nothing amounted to anything long-term.

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